Moonlight Beach

Sunday, January 23
9:00 am–10:00 am


Soupy Salty Sonic: A Liquid Wanting

by Marina Zurkow & Anna Rose Hopkins

First presented with the Guild of Future Architects, as part of the cultural programming for the United Nations Food Systems Summit 2021, Soupy Salty Sonic will take place in San Diego in January 2022.


Soupy Salty Sonic will be open and FREE to the public. Learn more by following us on social media and by signing up for our newsletter.


Collaborators Anna Rose Hopkins and Marina Zurkow host their immersive, audio theater work- a guided journey that invites the audience to lose one’s human sense of self, dissolving boundaries and becoming more oceanic.


Please RSVP to receive information about location and details to fully experience the meditation.



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