The Institute of Contemporary Art, San Diego presents experimental art and learning with a mission to question everything.


A highly dynamic platform and a living laboratory of art and ideas, the ICA aspires to surprise, excite, and challenge every assumption. The ICA is everywhere and for everyone—a space for the public to gather, question, learn, and shape the future.

Core Values

Be Relevant.

Programs are committed to concepts that are facing our world today. Our exhibitions, programs, and activities reflect the issues of the moment. We provide a space for the community to come together and consider the world.

Build Community.

At the ICA, we build community by bringing people together through art and ideas. We believe art is a human need and sharing in that experience promotes collective engagement.

Provide Nurturing Opportunities for Artists.

Art is at the center of everything we do. We are dedicated to providing a platform for new artists from our region and beyond. By bringing them into an ecosystem of support and appreciation, we seek to enrich and cultivate their practices and careers.

Present Contemporary Art.

We believe in the power of experimental art to provoke questions and ignite curiosity.

Be Unique.

You make the ICA unique. Finding your passion is a testament to creative exploration. By engaging with the arts, our community is able to connect through genuine and provocative questions facing our world today.

Two Becomes One

ICA brings together two of the region’s contemporary arts leaders: LUX Art Institute + San Diego Art Institute. Through shared vision and resources, we create an inclusive, living laboratory of art and ideas.

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Andrew Utt
Executive Director

Sarah Trujillo-Porter
Director of Operations

Victor Sanchez
Events and Visitor Experience Manager

Beau Box
Operations Coordinator

Derin Young
Visitor Experience

Katrina Land
Visitor Experience

Rebecca Crosbie
Visitor Experience

Pon Khampunbuan
Visitor Experience

Martin Revilla
Visitor Experience

Alexia Estrella
Visitor Experience


Guusje Sanders
Associate Curator

Roxana Lopez
Exhibitions Assistant


Gaëla Fernández Florin
Director of Advancement

Shannon Permenter
Advancement Manager

Stephanie Dao
Advancement and Membership Coordinator

Maria Fernanda Currea
Head of Marketing


Claudia Cano
Director of Education

Veronica Bellocci
Education Coordinator

Carla Roemer
Community Engagement Liaison

Amber Hamblin-Pederson
Ceramics Lab Technician

Justin McHugh
Teaching Artist / Valise

Ana Mendoza
Education Assistant

Board of Directors

Karen Gilbert

Sean Leffers
Vice Chair

Sari Rudy

Carolin Botzenhardt

Linda Brandes
Chair Emerita

Lawrence Poteet
Vice Chair Emeritus

Pete Garcia

Arturo Rodriguez

John McDonough

Lany Zikakis

Gustavo Arcia

Abe Tomás Hughes