Season 2021/2022

This season is centered around concepts of ecology, specifically focusing on eco-politics, -ethics, -technology, -feminism, and social ecology. We are exploring ideas of environmental inequity and speculative futures with elements of activation. This season will be looking at the relationship of different people and communities to the land and how diverse land, environmental, and ecological issues impact communities in various ways.

Inspiration up close.

Four nationally and internationally recognized artists are invited for the Artist-in-Residence Program each season. The 10 week long residency and exhibition focuses on one artist at a time, giving the artist the opportunity to share their unique perspective, background, and creative practice with the community.

The residency bridges the gap between the experience and the making of art by giving access to the artist studio during open hours. The unique opportunity to have an open dialogue between the artist and the community enhances the understanding of art while celebrating the artistic process from start to finish.