Melissa Walter

Melissa Walter Visual Artist

ICA North

Saturday, August 17, 2024 -
Sunday, December 29, 2024


San Diego-based artist Melissa Walter (b.1976, Providence, RI) uses abstraction to
translate complex scientifc concepts into intimate and accessible visual
experiences. In her 2021 series, The Smallest of Places, Walter uses charcoal, pastel,
and cut paper to illustrate the evolution of DNA identifcation technology since its
introduction in the 1980s.

Walter’s grids and flow charts pack a wealth of information into highly detailed yet
restrained compositions that illuminate the profound efects this technology can
have on increasing equity in the American criminal justice system. At ICA San Diego,
Walter will create a site!specifc installation of the 100 drawings that comprise
Southern Blot Method, as well as an experimental animation that conveys the
computational processes of DNA analysis as something more familiar.

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Autoradiogram 002, 2021, Charcoal on paper, 24 7⁄8 x 32 1⁄2 inches


This exhibition is supported by the Linda Brandes Foundation.
ICA San Diego Exhibition Support Provided by the City of San Diego, Buttgenbach Foundation, and the Tippett Foundation.



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