Greg Ito closing performance at ICA San Diego, Museum

ICA North

Saturday, July 23
6:00 pm–8:00 pm


Greg Ito’s All You Can Carry Performance

As part of Art Night Encinitas, the Institute of Contemporary Art, San Diego (ICA San Diego) invites the community to experience Greg Ito’s Performance as he engages his blooming sculpture at the top of the hill on Saturday, July 23 at 6:00pm.

This performance is the conclusion of his exhibition All You Can Carry, which closed on May 15, 2022. His outdoor installation will remain onsite until further notice. Greg Ito will go on a journey of regrowth as he traverses the land with all the water he can carry to the summit. Ito’s performance symbolizes the Japanese-American experience of the internment camps during World War II and the rebuilding afterwards, incorporating personal histories of his own grandparents.

The performance begins at 6:00pm in the Education Pavilion Garden at the ICA / North Campus. Support for this program is made possible through Anat Ebgi Gallery, Los Angeles.

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*Please be advised that the sculpture walkway has a mild rise to the top of the hill where the performance is taking place. To avoid disrupting the performance, the uphill driveway will be closed. Arrive early to park in the lower lot or on the street.