Ica San Diego; Nextgen: Graduating Artist Exhibition

ICA Central

Saturday, August 27
3:00 pm–5:00 pm


NextGen Performance at Balboa Park

Looking for a way to get to know our local artists and community while also experiencing contemporary art in action?

Be part of this one-time experience at the museum in Balboa Park on Saturday, August 27.

In the NextGen: Graduating Artist Exhibition, artists beck haberstroh and Gideon Sawyer will bring their work to life.

_ _ _

Join haberstroh and a group of performers in this live performance as they explore bot, puppet, and shadow accounts by activating their piece You took my impression without ever touching me. haberstroh explores the impersonal gathering of facial impressions into databases used for things such as profiling and surveillance.

Sawyer’s work, which he calls “skins” are wearable works of art that represent our connection to our bodies, identity, and the space we occupy. His performance will take a closer look at the restrictions and limitations we encounter as individuals through an interpretative movement performance.

_ _ _

Come, meet the artists and discover new ways to engage with contemporary art through these powerful performances!

This event is free and open to the public and will take place during our regular open hours.

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